Custom Illustrated Portrait

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How it Works

  1. Place Your Order Here!

    Select the size portrait you would like.

    Upload a clear, high quality reference photo with the "Image Upload" option. 

    If you have any notes to add to your order, please be as detailed as possible, and let us know if there is a specific event or date that you need to have the portrait in hand. 

    If you would like to send additional reference photos, please email them to with your order number.

  2. Look for Your Order Confirmation Email

    This email is acknowledgement that we will proceed with creating your personalized piece.

  3. Wait for Your Proofs

    During each phase of the portrait (sketch, color options, and final), I will send a proof for you to review.

    Once you approve each proof or offer any feedback, I can proceed to the next round of design.

    Once you approve the final proof, I will print and ship to the specified delivery address or, if applicable, send a final invoice for any "extras" you would like, additional rounds of design, or special requests that you may have ... see below. 

    Your print will be on its way! It should arrive within 5 business days if being shipped in the US. It may take longer if it's being shipped overseas.

What's Included

  • A Simple, Personalized Design Process

    Up to 3 rounds of design proofs to achieve your vision, with a timeframe of 3 weeks to 1 month if you live in the United States (8 weeks overseas): 

    Round 1: A black and white sketch/line drawing for your approval of the general layout. 7-10 business day proof turnaround

    Round 2: Three full-color options for you to choose from, unless specified in your notes when you place your order. 5-7 business day proof turnaround

    Round 3: One final round of design review for you to approve the design / suggest any minor tweaks for me to make, and voila! Ready for print. 5 business day proof turnaround

    Any additional rounds of edits if you change your mind about anything along the way. Each additional round of edits after the third round is $30, but this usually isn't required. 


  • Professional Packaging with Gift Wrapping Options

    Prints are individually packaged in a crystal clear plastic sleeve with a piece of quality white backing board and prepared for shipping.

    Each package is shipped securely with tracking information, directly to you OR a gift recipient (with custom message or classy gift ribbon if you would like).

    If your print arrives damaged for any reason, please notify us and we will ship another one to you within 2 business days at no additional cost. 

    We can recommend a frame style and size based on your particular design, but we do not ship frames because they contain glass and they just break. 


  • Free Shipping

    All prints are shipped flat, corner protected, and amply cushioned with a tracking number. 

    If there is an issue with your shipping, please contact us within 30 days of your purchase. We do not refund orders after more than 1 month. 

    If you are purchasing from the US, 3 weeks to a month from desired delivery date is recommended for placing an order. Generally, we recommend 8 weeks from the date you need your portrait for placing orders outside of the US. The earlier the better so that it allows time for revisions and manufacturing. 

    If your portrait print is ever lost, damaged, or stolen because of how good you look in it, we are happy to ship you a replacement print free of charge. Additional reprints after the first are $20 each and include shipping. 

Terms & Conditions

Once your order is placed, there can be no full refunds as time has been invested to work on it. If one proof has already been created, only 60% of the total amount that you have paid for can be refunded. If two proofs have been created, 30% can be refunded. However, after 3 rounds of proofs have been made, no refunds will be made. There will be no refunds at all for unresponsive proofs after 1 month of placing the order. Please note that proofs for your approval will be emailed to you after your purchase. The responsibility of checking your proofs and reverting back will be the responsibility of the purchaser. The work will only be printed and shipped after your approval is given. By purchasing within this shop, you're cool with these terms. Please contact with any questions! And thank you for your business :)

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